Minsait, a company of Indra, has reached an agreement with the globally leading Spanish merchant in air distribution, Euroairlines. According to Minsait, their task will be to implement their revenue management and accounting technology into Euroairlines’ operations through their intelligent ‘Revenue Accounting’ solution (OneSait). This solution is capable of real-time monitoring of the passenger lifecycle, from purchase to the actual flight, streamlining processes, and providing companies with quantitative and reliable information.

Minsait’s technology will enable Euroairlines to confidently tackle the challenge of expanding from operating in 22 markets, as it does currently, to being present in more than 50 markets. This goal is set to be achieved by the society between 2023 and 2024, making them a strategic company expected to exceed €20 million in revenue by 2024.

Emilio Mora, the director of the ‘Travel & Hospitality’ division at Minsait, emphasized that the agreement will boost the operational and financial efficiency of Euroairlines’ clients. “Our vision for the future is to facilitate Euroairlines’ expansion into more than 50 markets, solidifying them as a strategic company. This collaboration demonstrates the positive impact that our innovative solutions can have on the air distribution industry,” he added.

Antonio López Lázaro, CEO of Euroairlines, stated that “this technology will allow us to become a truly global company, entering fifty markets across five continents with agility, security, and reliability, and competing with top-level global competitors. We will provide our customers with the most suitable markets, channels, and connectivity for their strategy.”

López Lázaro also mentioned that Euroairlines has become “one of the most active marketing and distribution operators in the sector” in the last two decades. Their expertise and reach to hundreds of operators will accelerate Minsait’s access to a greater number of airlines. They will also collaborate with Euroairlines to develop profitability analysis and cost accounting products, applying the know-how of both companies to other modes of transportation and complementary industries, such as hospitality.