This journey starts in the crystalline waters of the Dominican Republic. The beauty of this Caribbean country lies not only in its tropical beaches, but also in the colonial cities that compose it, in its natural landscapes full of mountains and dreamy waterfalls that will make you want to stay forever.

The Dominican Republic is currently part of the Caribbean island of La Española. It forms the eastern part of the island, sharing it with Haiti, which is the country to which the western part of the island belongs. ” La Española”, discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, and colonized by Spaniards, was the first European settlement in America, shared with those who were at that time its inhabitants, the Tainos. From that Spanish period we can find many samples today in the different cities of the Dominican Republic.

It is difficult to summarize a country in a text, since there are plenty of things to do and places to visit in Dominican Republic, but  if there are some things popular and to highlight about the country, are the following ones:

Santo Domingo, capital city:

With a walled historical center listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, nowadays it is one of the most emblematic colonial towns in the Caribbean. One of the best ways to discover the colonial area is walking through its beautiful streets, During the tour you  will discover buildings from the early 1500s, such as the Alcazar de Colon, the Primada Cathedral or the Ozama Fortress, among many others.

For nature lovers and those who like not just visiting cities but also enjoying nature, is highly recommended to visit the Tres Ojos National Park. It’s located in the middle of Santo Domingo, and its main attraction, in addition to the excursions and hiking trails it offers, are their four lagoons.

Other popular cities:

  • Punta Cana
  • Samana
  • Bayahibe
  • Jarabacoa
  • Barahona

Its people

The citizens of the Dominican Republic are characterized by their joy and kindness, and they will make you feel welcome from the moment you land in the country. They will make you feel that the island is your home, even if you are thousands of kilometers away from home.


Dominican gastronomy is influenced by Spanish and African products, which resulted in the existence in the country of a large number of Creole dishes, which is European food developed in America with African influences.

Although each region of the country has different dishes, most of the meals use specific common ingredients. Among them you can find: “frijoles”, white rice, coconut, beans or “habichuelas”, yucca, chili or “ají”, chicken, plantain or bananas, avocado, or the different types of fish and seafood that can be found mainly in coastal areas.

Among the most popular dishes we can find multiple variations of rice such as “arroz locrio “arroz moro” or “arroz aspao”; sides as “tostones” or “casabe”; main dishes like “la bandera dominicana”, “sancocho” or “chivo guisado”;  or desserts as “yaniequeques” or “tres leches cake”

Fruit, like in most tropical countries, is characterized by its intense flavors. Exotic fruits are very present on the island, so it is not uncommon to find street or roadside stands selling not only the whole fruits, but juices and smoothies that mix and match them. These delicious drinks are great options to quench your thirst and enjoy the wonderful beaches.

What else do you need? Prepare your suitcase and this 2021 don’t miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful destination.